PA WEST Coaching Education Mandate

There have been a number of changes to the coaching education courses offered by US Soccer.  In order to be rostered for the Fall 2015 playing season, all U6 inhouse and all U10 Travel/Academy coaches need to be certified or licensed through PA West coaching certification and licensing programs.  Hampton Soccer Club would like to include all U8 coaches as well.


The launch of the new F license occurred at the January NSCAA/US Youth Soccer convention.  This is an online course that can be taken from the US Soccer website.  The course is for coaches of 5 to 9 year olds.  Starting on May 1, 2015, the F license will be a pre-requisite for the E License.  The cost for the F License is $25 payable to US Soccer through their website.  The fee will also include a one-year membership to the US Soccer coaching platform.


The F license covers the same ages as the Youth modules therefore this will cover the minimum mandatory licensing for coaches (put in place by the Youth Board, see reference below) of U6 and U10 players.  It will also be the first step on the coach's pathway.  For further information on this course please visit:


In lieu of obtaining an F License, U6 and U10 youth modules can also be completed to meet the new PA West coaching mandate.  The U6 and U10 youth modules are free and can be completed in one of the two formats:


  • Option 1:  The club hosts the Youth modules in the same format as in the past.  This takes approximately 5 hours and classroom and field work are required.
  • Option 2:  This option has two components:  Online and Field session.  A coach can go online to US Soccer website and take the US Youth module and receive a certificate of completion.  Then the coach has to take the field portion of the course offered by PA West (district, dates, times, etc. TBD).  At these field sessions the coach will present a copy of their certificate as well as a lesson plan for the age they are working with and then do one or two activities with the children.


Reference:  PA West Soccer Association, Youth Division Rules 2014-2015, Section 4.3.10 Coaching

Hampton Soccer Club will reimburse all coaches for the cost of this license upon request